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AvPay is an aviation directory which gives you the freedom to search, browse, book, and pay for aviation related products and services online.

Pilots & Customers
With AvPay, pilots and customers can pay for services and products from a range of aviation service providers. Create an account and get:
Fast access to Aviation Services | Freedom to view the full range of Aviation Services available before you commit to one | Loyalty Discounts | Access to Promotions and Events | Budget how much you spend | Follow your Favourite Companies | Read and Leave Reviews | Fast Payment for Services | History of previous orders | Find Aviation Companies easily

Aviation Companies
Promote your business and increase revenue by displaying your full range of services, products, facilities, promotions, fly-ins and events online!

Air Display Companies | Air Shows & Trade Shows | Aircraft Charter Brokers | Aircraft Cover Manufacturers | Aircraft Ferrying Companies | Aircraft Valeting Companies | Airfield Cafes | Airports | Aviation Consultancy Services | Aviation Maintenance Companies | Aviation Marketing Companies | Aviation Museums | Aviation Photographers | Conference Room Hire | Drone Operators | Flight Equipment | Flight Simulator Companies | Flying Clubs & Schools | Freelance Flying Instructors | Freelance Pilots | Gliding Clubs | Hangarage | Sightseeing Flying Tours | Translation Services | Trial Flying Lessons | Warbird Flying Experiences