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Find qualified drone pilots in the UK, Europe, US and Worldwide for professional and private events and get quotes for Aerial Photography & Videography.

The AvPay Drone Operators Directory allows you to search, contact and hire professional drone pilots for;
2D Modelling, 3D Modelling, Aerial Crop Surveys, Aerial Inspections, Aerial Mapping, Agriculture Surveys, Aerial Photography, Aerial Surveys, Archaeological Surveys, Aerial Videography, Aerial Views, Bird’s Eye-View Shots, Boundary Disputes, Building Surveys, Chimney Inspections, Commercial and Film Making, Construction Developments, Crowd Monitoring, Drone Tuition, Inspection of Power Lines and Pipelines, Land Disputes, Land Surveys, Night Photography, Planning Applications, Property Marketing, Quantity Surveying, Risk Assessments, Roof Inspections, Surveillance, Thermography, Wedding Photography.