Using drones to collect data is revolutionizing the way the construction industry operates. From initial planning to post-project maintenance, aerial data collection using DroneHive enables leaders to make smarter decisions that enhance business outcomes.
3D Modeling – before, during and post construction BIM
Materials and Inventory Management – “Stockplie Measurement”
Progress Monitoring – see the progress of projects in real-time


From renewable energy to fossil fuel production, aerial data collected by DroneHive provides real-time accurate information and can help increase efficiency and safety.
National Asset Inspection Capability
High-Resolution Imagery (to less than 1cm)
Thermal Imaging, LiDAR, Gas-Detection Sensor Equipped


Onsite, controlled aerial surveillance using DroneHive provides an additional layer of security for any site or protected asset, stationary or in-transit.
Sensitive Site Perimeter Monitoring
Arrival and Departure Surveillance
Nighttime Thermal Imaging Protection
Potential Threat Identification
National Asset Protection


Real-time aerial data collection using drones is changing how insurance works and improving the lives of claims adjusters and insurance customers alike. DroneHive can help your company operate more efficiently and accurately.
Improved P&C Claim Data Collection
Measurable Images of Damaged Property for Improved Quote Generation
Live Stream to Claims Adjusters


Drone technology is revolutionizing land conservation and restoration projects. Aerial data can minimize exposure to risky environments while increasing efficiency by saving time in survey and planning efforts.
Invasive and Native Plant Detection and analysis
Erosion Monitoring
Ground Truthing
Spatial Data Collection for Environmental impact analysis
Forest land Fuel Load identification and measurement
LiDAR equipped UAS for heavily vegetated slope analysis
Visual Simulation of rehabbed environments

Civil Engineering

Data collection using drones helps civil engineering firms operate more efficiently and make faster decisions. By combining data collected aerially using DroneHive with ground-based positioning data, firms can reach unmatched precision and speed.
3-D Model Generation
GCP (Ground Control Point) Planning and Preparation
Survey-Grade Measurement


DroneHive uses advanced scouting technology that enables us to survey more acreage with faster results than traditional farm equipment. With this aerial data, farmers are enabled to make better decisions that ultimately produce higher yields and minimize the risk of lost crops.
Managing Plant Stress due to water, pests, diseases and other factors (with farmer collaboration)
Identifying Irrigation issues including identification of water leaks, overwatering
Analyzing Soil and Topography to determine the impact on crops
Plant Counting, spacing and weed management
Optimizing Pesticide and Fertilizer applications
Analyze Cover Crop performance and filtering out cover crop from crop analyses as appropriate

Real Estate

For commercial real estate investors and developers with reach beyond a single geographic market, DroneHive is the ideal aerial services partner.
Nighttime Thermal Imaging Protection
3D Modeling and Planning
Finished Product VR and Rendering


High resolution 3D digital reconstruction utilizing proven drone technology provides significant improvement in resource and hazard identification. The implementation of UAS operations at active mines increases efficiency and safety of the sites at a low cost.
High-Resolution Highwall Scanning
Rapid Stockpile and Volumetric measurement
Open-pit 3D digital twin model reconstruction
LiDAR enabled aerial inspection
MHSA certified remote pilots

Property Management

Why pay more than you have to for hazardous inspection work performed by people on the ground? Get it done faster and more efficiently with DroneHive.
Emergency Inspections
Roof and Asset Inspection
Nighttime Thermal Imaging Protection
Surveillance of Property Conditions
Traffic Monitoring

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