Our unique A320 simulator has been built using original flight controls for the ultimate hands-on experience. Original controls give you full 3-axis control of the aircraft in manual flight.

The simulator is a dual seat, fixed-base, front view emulation of the Airbus A320 allowing full end-to-end simulation of typical airline operations of this remarkable aircraft.
See and feel the instrument panels and controls just as they are in the real aircraft. The simulator has been built with commercial pilots in mind. So when you take your seat for take-off you can be sure that your experience will be like that which can support professional pilot training. From take-off to landing you will experience high fidelity flight procedures, operations and navigation.
The simulator has been built around real flight controls which have already flown in real aircraft around the world. The original sidesticks give you the real feel of hand-flying the aircraft as well as the steering and rudder control system with its dual operation and differential brakes.
Program the Flight Management and Guidance System; manage navigation; take control of the aircraft’s electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic system; and of course handle inflight abnormal and emergencies with the assistance of the Electronic Aircraft Centralised Monitoring (ECAM) system.
The A320’s unique flight control laws and envelope protections are presented with the capability to demonstrate control degradation and backup. See how this unprecedented aircraft flies gracefully through stalls, prevents overspeed and manages flight safety like no other.
Just let us know if there is something specific you’d like to try in the sim or see what the aircraft can do.
The simulation environment is a training platform (Lockheed Martin’s P3D) and the aircraft system simulation is to support the flight experience.


Introductory Flight
Take-off, Manual Handling, ​Approach and Landing

Discover the basics of take-offs, climbs, descent, turns stalls and landings from anywhere in the world in a variety of weather conditions. Even if you have never flown before you will always be welcome to fly our sim.
To ensure you have the best experience and make the most of your time in the simulator we will perform a short pre-flight briefing to become familiar with the aircraft controls and instruments as well as a discussion about what you want to get out of your time. The briefing will last around 20 minutes but this will not come at the expense of time in the simulator at the controls.

Normal Operations
A full end-to-end flight from take-off to landing at your destination

With the Normal Operations package you can experience a full en-to-end flight from take-off to landing. You will experience:

General handling
Take-offs and landings
ILS approaches
Navigation techniques
MCDU and FMGS operations – Performance, flight plan, departure and arrival procedures
Systems operation

Your flight includes an initial briefing of up to 20 minutes at the controls followed by your booked time.

Aviation Professionals
A sim session for a crew of 2 A320 pilots or cadets

Intended to assist airline pilots and cadets during and beyond lockdown, our simulator is ideal for staying proficient and keeping your skills sharp.
Flying as a crew of 2 you will have the autonomy to execute your own session plan according to your training provider’s standards or airline’s SOPs.

Please arrange to attend with your own flying partner.

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