AvPay is an Aviation Marketplace & Directory

AvPay lets you find aviation companies and compare aviation services in your area. Listing your company on AvPay literally places your company on the map – the AvPay Map! AvPay is an aviation directory and marketplace that lets companies present their brand and all of their services in front of the market, while empowering consumers by giving them the ability to choose from a wide-range of aviation companies and services. Each profile includes:

  • The ability to sell products and services online (Marketplace membership)
  • Fully customisable tab content: Services, About Us, Gallery
  • Company review feature
  • Map including pushpin, allowing end users to locate companies
  • Office hours breakdown
  • Product & Services search (if the profile is being used for online payments)
  • Live social media feeds – each time you update your social media, it automatically updates your AvPay profile
  • Messaging feature, allowing prospects to email you through the system
AvPay Air Display Companies Category

Air Display Companies

Make it easier for customers to find and book your company for an air display by listing your fleet and air display shows.

AvPay Air Shows & Aviation Trade Shows Category

Air Shows and Trade Shows

The Air Show and Trade Show page makes it easier for your customers to find events throughout the year. List your event and be seen by customers that are interested in the types of services you offer.

AvPay Aviation Charter Brokers Category

Aircraft Charter Brokers

Avpay makes it easy to find charter aircrafts from brokers around the UK, Europe and worldwide. Just list your company, add your fleet, locations and prices and customers will be able to search through your profile and contact you for services they require.

AvPay Aviation Cover Manufacturers Companies Category

Aircraft Cover Manufacturers

Get in front of Pilots and owners and offer your range of aircraft covers to the market. Ability to list covers in different sizes, colours and aircraft type.

AvPay Aircraft Ferrying Companies Category

Aircraft Ferrying Companies

Find and compare qualified and reputable Aircraft Ferrying Companies to pick up or return an aircraft to your home base.

AvPay Aircraft Valeting Companies Category

Aircraft Valeting Companies

Present your valeting services and let everybody know which area you cover. Let prospective customers choose different valeting options and promote special deals on your profile.

AvPay Aircraft Valuation Companies Category

Aircraft Valuations

Let the market know about your experience and encourage owners to get in touch, to book your aircraft valuation services.

AvPay Airfield Cafes & Restaurants Category

Airfield Cafes & Restaurants

Some pilots just want to fly somewhere for a nice sandwich! Get yourself on the map and attract new visitors by presenting your menu and facilities through your profile.

AvPay Airport & Airfield Category

Airports and Airfields

Encourage pilots to visit your airport by displaying your full range of facilities, promotions, fly-ins and events. If you decide to process payments through your profile, you’ll allow pilots to pay their fees online, reducing the need for dedicated on-site staff to take payments.

AvPay Aviation Consultancy Companies Category

Aviation Consultancy Services

Thinking of jumping into aviation, or thinking about making a significant change to your existing aviation operation? Find a local aviation consultant that’ll help you get through the process.

AvPay Aviation Maintenance Companies Category

Aviation Maintenance Organisations

A lot of pilots use the same maintenance organisations over and over, simply because it’s the only one they know. Placing yourself on the AvPay Map opens you up to new pilots and makes it easier for you to take payment from your customers.

AvPay Aviation Marketing Companies Category

Aviation Marketing Companies

Find your local aviation marketing company that’ll help you achieve your aviation marketing goals.

AvPay Aviation Museum Category

Aviation Museums

There are a great deal of aviation museums that many people just don’t know about and this has a negative impact on visitor numbers. Thankfully this is now a thing of the past, thanks to the aviation museum page. How many museums are within an hour of your house?

AvPay Aviation Photographers Category

Aviation Photographers

Aviation photography requires specialist equipment. Find the right service provider in your area with the Aviation Photographer Directory.

AvPay Conference Room Hire Category

Conference Room Hire

Allow pilots and passengers to make the most of their visit, by presenting your conference and meeting room services through your profile.

AvPay Drone Operators & Pilots Category

Drone Operators

The AvPay Drone Operator Directory stands-out from the competition by actively promoting each company that goes live, with social media marketing and banner opportunities. Make it easier for the market to find you by setting-up your profile!

AvPay FBOs Category


Some clients are put-off from using FBOs, as they think they’re too expensive. Open yourself up to new clients by openly displaying your services and prices, thus encouraging new clients to use them. Make it easier for existing FBO clients to pay for services and track their fees.

AvPay Flight Equipment Category

Flight Equipment

Find the nearest flight equipment suppliers in your area.

AvPay Warbird Flying Experiences Category

Flight & Flying Experiences

Let the world know about your Flight Experience packages. List as gifts, vouchers, courses or in the directory. Get in-front of new customers and tell them how you can make their flying dreams come true!

AvPay Flight Simulators Category

Flight Simulators

A simulator experience is the perfect gift for an aviation enthusiast. It’s also a necessity for pilots wanting to stay in currency. Get in front of both by setting-up a profile!

AvPay Flying Clubs and Schools Category

Flying Clubs and Schools

Let the world see which types of aircraft you operate & make it easier for pilots to find the aircraft they’d like to fly. Boost your sales with gift vouchers, process payments for training and sell your flight equipment.

AvPay Freelance Flying Instructors Category

Freelance Flying Instructors

Are you an aircraft owner that feels tied to one specific flight training organisation? The AvPay Freelance Flying Instructor Page lets you find the instructor that meets your individual needs.

AvPay Freelance Pilot Category

Freelance Pilots

Pilots can make it known that they’re available for work and list the aircraft they’re rated on, via the Freelance Pilots Page.

AvPay Gliding Clubs & Schools Category

Gliding Clubs

Encourage new members to join your Gliding Club and showcase your fleet of gliders to a new audience. Offer discounts and promote gift vouchers for special occasions. Sell Memberships and courses.

AvPay Hangarage Category


Make it easier for pilots to find hangarage at your airfield by listing this service on your profile. Empty hangars don’t make money and listing this service encourages new pilots to base their aircraft at your airfield.

AvPay Sightseeing Flying Tours Category

Sightseeing Pleasure Flights

A lot of people haven’t seen their region from the air, so why not encourage them to book a flight! Offer gifts packages aimed at holidays and vouchers that can be easily bought.

AvPay Trial Flying Lessons Category

Trial Flying Lessons

Some people are put-off flying as they think it’s too expensive. Trial lessons give your future customers an entry point, to see whether they like flying. If they do, they might purchase one of your flight training courses!


AvPay lets you find aviation services in your area and connects customers with companies.

Benefits of AvPay

AvPay makes it easier for customers to find you

  • Marketplace & Directory profiles

    Choose the right type of membership that suits your business

  • Increase revenue

    Sell your full range of services, by displaying them all on AvPay

  • Sell equipment

    Make it easier for Flying Schools / Clubs to sell equipment & merchandise

  • Send invoices

    Invoices can be sent to your customers

  • Secure payments

    Integrated secure payment gateway for marketplace members

  • Discount codes

    Add discount codes to entice new custom

  • Fast and easy process

    Makes it easier and faster for clients to pay for services

  • Management

    Keeps track of current, future and previous payments

  • Reduce queues

    Airfields that sell services through their profiles can reduce queues as pilots no longer need to find the pay point at each airfield, once they’ve landed.

  • Show up in Directories

    Have your company and services listed in your region.

  • Increase your customer base

    Encourage new clients to do business with you by displaying your full range of services.

  • Events

    Promote and sell tickets for your events

  • Upsell

    Offer additional services to your clients, when they order with related services and you may also like...

  • Get paid quickly

    Get paid quickly for orders placed through AvPay

  • Online menu

    Full online control of each item that shows-up for your company in AvPay - The Aviation Payment System 

AvPay Customer Flow

AvPay Home page Design on mobile

Customers can search for a company through the search box, company categories dropdown or map pushpins

AvPay Company Profile Page Design on mobile

Products can be found on the company profile page. This page also includes About, Services, Policies, Gallery, Reviews, Social Feeds, Messaging System & Business Hours.


Customers can add to cart or go to product page to select options.

AvPay Company Product Page Design on mobile

Add to cart & pay. Order notification goes through to the aviation company & to the customer. Invoices available through the system.

Advantages of Online Payments

  • Improve Resource Allocation

    AvPay - The Aviation Payment System removes the need to have dedicated staff manning a payment station at all times, freeing them up for other airfield duties. It’s also great for allowing pilots to pay for out-of-hours flying.

  • Improved Security

    Online payments through AvPay remove the need for having large amounts of cash at your facility.

  • Automated System

    Invoices are generated automatically and our analytics tools allow you to track your sales quickly and easily.


  • Faster Transactions

    Taking payments through AvPay The Aviation Payment System gets you your money quicker.

  • Ease of Access

    Clients no longer need to present themselves at your payment desk, to pay. They can simply pay online or through their mobiles. Missed payments can be easily emailed to your clients.

  • Boost Sales

    Online payment vouchers paired with easy access to your services encourage your customers to buy more of your services.


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